Corporate Support

We are keen to work with a range of companies and businesses to help to raise funds for our work, whilst also delivering benefits for you.

We are incredibly grateful for the donations and support given to the Longleigh Foundation by the Trustees and staff of Stonewater, our founder.  And we hope that others will join them in supporting our work.

There are many ways in which your company can support our work:

By making a direct donation – for general support, or towards a project of your choosing – perhaps in a local area close to your headquarters or area of work.  Charitable donations can be a tax efficient way to achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

By engaging the enthusiastic support of your employees as part of a Charity of the Year relationship.  This can involve donations, match giving, payroll giving, fundraising days, activities etc.

We would be delighted to discuss these, and other ways of supporting the Longleigh Foundation.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

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