Terms & Conditions - Individual Grants


  1. All evidence supplied in the Grant Application is to the best of your knowledge accurate and up-to-date.
  2. Any Grant awarded will be spent exclusively on the purposes specified in the Grant Application, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Longleigh Foundation Manager.
  3. You will submit evidence of expenditure of the Grant i.e. copies of receipts, within one month of the Grant being spent.
  4. You will complete the Grant Monitoring Form that has been sent to you within one month of the Grant being awarded, or at a date otherwise agreed with the Longleigh Foundation Manager.
  5. We can use details of your Grant as a case study example in promotional materials.  Names and photos will only be included if additional permission is gained from you. 
  6. Any part of the Grant that is not required for the purposes approved in the Grant Application or not spent within the agreed timescales, being no longer than 3 months after the Grant is award, will be returned to the Longleigh Foundation Manager by cheque made payable to 'Longleigh Foundation'.
  7. The Grant may affect your eligibility for state benefits and it is your responsibility to notify HMRC and benefits authorities of the award of this Grant.


Grant means the funds provided by the Longleigh Foundation to you being the amount set out in the offer letter.

Grant Application means the application for funds submitted to us by you.

Longleigh Foundation Manager means the individual responsible for the day to day monitoring and managing of the Grant and your point of contact at the Longleigh Foundation.

Project means the project or activity which we have agreed to give you the Grant for, details of which are set out in the Grant Application together with any supporting documents which accompanied the Grant Application.

You and Your means the individual(s), organisation or group receiving the Grant bound by these terms and conditions.

We and Us means the Longleigh Foundation and includes our employees and those acting for us.