Equality and Diversity Policy


  1. Policy Summary
    1. The Longleigh Foundation promotes the principles and practices of equality and diversity across all aspects of its operations and dealings with applicants, beneficiaries, supporters, trustees, staff, partners and the public.
  2. Policy objectives
    1. To ensure equality and diversity is at the heart of what we do, and everyone is treated fairly irrespective of:
      • Race/Ethnicity/Nationality
      • Disability
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Gender identity
      • Sexual orientation
      • Religion/belief
      • Marriage or Civil partnership
      • Pregnancy/Maternity
      • Socio economic status
    2. To improve equality of opportunity for our beneficiaries and staff.
    3. To challenge discrimination and injustice where practical and appropriate.
    4. To have a diverse board and workforce.
    5. To comply with equality legislation.
  3. Details
    1. The board members will role model and champion our commitment to equal opportunities. 
    2. Our aim is that the conditions or requirements relating to grant applications are justifiable and do not disadvantage any applicants.  To ensure this is the case we will collect and monitor diversity data on applicants for funding.  Such data will not form part of the application assessment and will be analysed by persons not involved in the approval process.
    3. All consultants and other agencies we hire or partner with will be expected to adhere to our equality and diversity policy.
    4. If we discover unlawful discrimination by partners, consultants, contractors or suppliers we will take action and where necessary we may review or terminate our agreements with them. 
    5. All events, including grant interviews, will take place in accessible buildings.