What types of grants do you give?

We currently provide funding for projects and hardship grants for individuals. Over the next year we will extend this to include Strategic Grants, and Education and Skills grants for individuals.

How do I apply?

You will need to complete and submit our online application form, together with the necessary documentation requested. We do not accept any other form of application.

Who can apply for Project funding?

Currently, only projects managed by Stonewater can apply for Project funding. During the next year we are planning to develop our funding strategy to include other organisations. Please check our Project Funding section regularly to stay updated. You can also register for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to hear.

Do you have deadlines for applying?

This depends on the grant:

Individual grants are open for applications at all times.

Small Project Grants, less than £5,000 are open at all times.

Large Project Grants, over £5,000 have four funding rounds each year, please see our Project Funding section for deadlines.  

When will I find out if my Individual Grant application is successful?

Individual applications for Hardship will usually be responded to within two weeks of your application.

When will I find out if my Project Grant application is successful?

Project applications for less than £5,000 should receive a response within 6 weeks of the submission deadline.

Project applications over £5,000 have a two stage process – Expression of Interest and Full Application, so it could take 3-4 months before a final decision is reached. Please take account of this when planning your project.

Does the Longleigh Foundation only support Stonewater residents and projects?

Stonewater is the founder of the Longleigh Foundation, and in our first year of operation our focus is on funding Stonewater projects and individual residents.  Stonewater’s generous support has enabled us to establish ourselves and get us up and running. We’re now looking to raise funds from other companies and supporters, so that we can extend our grant giving to wider communities.

Is your area of operation around housing?

We aim to support vulnerable people at all stages and want to help to improve their lives – by creating opportunities, once their housing needs have been met.

Do you directly manage any projects or services?

We do not currently directly manage any projects or services. We are a grant-giving organisation seeking to improve lives by supporting vulnerable individuals and projects that can deliver meaningful and sustainable impacts.

Why are your individual grants just for Stonewater residents?

We have funded the Individual Grants with a donation received from Stonewater, and as such, it is currently restricted to Stonewater residents. We aim to broaden the eligibility criteria in the future if funds from other sources are made available to do so.

What projects have you supported so far?

We have supported a range of fantastic projects since we were first established - please see our Case Studies for further information.

How much money do you have to support projects and individuals?

For 2017/18 Financial Year, we have a Grant Programme of £400,000. We hope to grow this in future years as we fundraise to support our aims.

When will your large Project Grants be open to applicants?

We have four grant rounds a year; please check our Project pages for the next funding deadlines. You can also register for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to hear.