Our Beneficiaries

We are proud of our beneficiaries, and what they can achieve, and this belief helps inform all of our grant giving.

Our grant giving is currently aimed at the following groups:

  • Young people (aged 16 – 25)
  • Older people (aged over 60)
  • Individuals at risk of, or subject to, domestic abuse
  • Individuals with a physical or mental disability

The Longleigh Foundation encourages aspiration for young people and seeks to unlock their potential - providing support, for example, in training and skills development, or circumstances that have arisen as a result of hardship. We support young people in carving out their own, positive futures.

We seek to break negative cycles, for instance in situations of domestic abuse.

We strive to improve the quality of life for our beneficiaries – particularly those with disabilities.

We are passionate about health, well-being and inclusion, for people at all stages of their lives. That can mean helping individuals to access the skills and training needed to gain employment, or helping to address many of the gaps in supported living for older people.